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Britannia Techno Polymer B.V.
Kapitein Hatterasstraat 52
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 13 577 04 08
Fax +31 13 535 27 35
E-mail aleigh@btpolymer.com

Welcome to the world of Britannia Techno Polymer

Welcome to our website... Britannia Techno Polymer is a centrally located  Engineering Thermoplastic compounding company offering specifically designed compounds & Tolling facilities at the most competitive rates, whilst maintaining the quality and service an injection moulding company and end users expect and deserves.

Specialising in Nylon 6, 66, 66/6 copolymer, ABS, PC & PP compounds BTP has a large range of standard grades as well as a growing number of specifically designed compounds to meet specific requirements.

We already have the TS16949 automotive standard to accompany our ISO 9001 approval.

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New 5th extruder for BTP

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New feeding system and SPC control!

We have now upgraded twin screw number 2 with advance feeding/dosing of additives to match Extruder 3. we can also offer statistical data and SPC data with these systems. This means that we can guarantee the quality of the compounds with respect to the addition of all the important additives and we can prodive the statisical data to the customers that require it.

Technical Data sheets & MSDS

Technical data sheets are now already on the website under Products! A new section for REACH will follow.

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